Melania Trump suffers cyber-bullying

Melania trump has kidney surgery

The United States First Lady Melania Trump has said she is one of the most bullied persons in the world.

Melania Trump said this in an interview with ABC News.

She said her experience spurred the “Be Best” initiative which is focused on discouraging cyberbullying.

In spite of that, she said women, who have been sexually abused need to have really hard evidence to prove the legitimacy of abuse claim.

However, She did not clarify what she meant by “hard evidence”.

The American First Lady said she was fully in support of those [sexually abuse] with evidence.

“I do stand with women but, we need to show the evidence,” adding that “you can’t just say to somebody, I was sexually assaulted,’ or ‘you did that to me,” Melania said.

She also criticised the media’s role in reporting sexual abuse stories. The First Lady noted that the media often has lapses in reportage of sexual abuse cases.

Source: Gaurdianng


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