Juliet Ibrahim: Actress speaks on Body Shaming and Insecurity

Juliet Ibrahim

Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim has revealed how she was body-shamed and called all sorts of names.

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In a post she shared on Instagram on Tuesday morning, the actress admonished her fans to stick to what they believe in despite what the world has to say about them and also learn to embrace their flaws.

Miss Ibrahim, a mother of one revealed she has been called all sorts of names, even mocked and called K-legs.

“Those insecure about themselves will always try to make others insecure about themselves, but my secret has always been to embrace my flaws and be proud of my uniqueness.

“You cannot walk on runways and grace billboards, ‘talkless’ of be the face of multi-national companies if you don’t appreciate your uniqueness and embrace your flaws.

Source: DailyPost


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