Ben Bruce: Senator suggests SMS Voting will resolve Election Fraud

NASS Invasion

Senator Ben Murray-Bruce (Bayelsa East – PDP) has offered his solution to the electoral problem of parties buying votes – Nigerians should simply vote by text.
Vote-buying became a huge talking point this week after the July 14 Ekiti gubernatorial election was characterised by political parties paying voters to sway their decisions.

Amidst the outrage that the recent incidence has generated, Murray-Bruce, the self-styled Common Sense Advocate, took to his Twitter account (benmurraybruce) to offer a definitive solution.

He said, “There are 100 million phone lines in Nigeria. Almost every Nigerian adult has a phone. All mobile lines are registered by the NCC, which captures names personal details, photos and finger prints of registered owners. Why can’t we vote by text? It will end Ekiti style vote buying.”

Source: PulseNg


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