Do Women prefer abusive Relationships to broke men?


Nigerian singer, Praiz, asked on his Twitter, why women find it difficult to leave abusive relationships but quick to dump broke men.
Abuse and dry pockets are familiar terms in every discourse about the biggest problems plaguing Nigerian relationships and marriages; so it was not surprising that Praiz’ tweet, dated May 21, 2018, got people’s attention and drew responses in no time.

The singer’s question presumes that dumping a man who is broke is a more common thing to see among Nigerian women than leaving abusive but wealthy partners.

And quite surprisingly, that presumption went largely unchallenged, with people focusing on the ‘why’ instead of the veracity of the presumption itself.

But really, do Nigerian women prefer abusive rich men to broke good guys?
There can’t be any conclusive answer to this, of course, as different strokes will always appeal to different folks in different ways.

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