What to do if you miss your flight ?

what you do when missed flight

Planning your holiday is incredibly exciting. What’s even more exciting is the day you actually leave! The anticipation builds up as you pack your suitcase, kiss the pets goodbye and make your way to the airport.

There are so many things to take into account when you’re flying from one destination to the next and worrying about whether you’ll get to your flight on time is just one extra thing. Travelstart wants you to enjoy stress-free travel, so we’ve come up with a guideline on what to do if you miss your flight!

The reality is that most of us can’t control everything that happens in life, from unforeseen traffic to road accidents, family emergencies that just come out of the blue and a long list of things to factor in before you board. We have come up with tips, advice and some information to alleviate any confusion on what happens when you miss your flight.

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