The hypocrisy of God-Fearing relationships


God-fearing is an established, transgenerationally-relevant prerequisite of dating and marriage for young Nigerians.

Over and over again it is said, emphasized and repeated by young people, women especially, who are still in the waiting process of meeting the love of their lives, that a God-fearing partner is usually the best.

Someone who fears God, the popular opinion goes, will not do any or more of the unsavoury relationship/marriage tragedies that young Nigerians have come to fear so much.

Think domestic violence, unfaithfulness, side chicks, wanton disregard for marital responsibilities, etc.

Practice and experience has shown, however, that God-fearing isn’t really what people really want. As a matter of fact, the continuous demand for a God-fearing partner borders on hypocrisy. Ignorance,  at best.

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