Opinion: Nigeria has an Honest Police Officer but i don’t believe it


    A Nigerian police officer has been recognised by the BBC for proper commitment to his duties and obligation. He won the award upholding integrity and not showing slackness.

    The News of Mr. Julius Adedeji receiving an award because he doesn’t accept bribe still leaves me in awe.

    A bribe is the first-hand description of the Nigerian police force; it’s like the relationship between Pigs and dumpsites. Bribe is a constant in a policeman’s sojourn in every situation.

    Where did BBC find Mr. Julius? What were the yardsticks of the ruling? How many times was he tried and found innocent, or the award is just a reputation building for the Nigerian police.

    But, the Nigerian police doesn’t care about her reputation. Money extortion is more significant to a social image or media recognition to them.

    Before I write about Mr. Julius’ incorrigible nature and dedication to service, I would make lyrical pictures of the Nigerian Police officer.

    A Nigerian policeman wakes from a dream of arresting innocent motorists and assaulting motorbike riders. He has his day planned the previous night because the night ended collecting bribes.

    Justice and Moral excellence are no words accustomed to the Nigerian police, and it’s a lip service paid when inducted into the force. He visualizes bribery, and is therefore systematic about schemes in gathering bribes.

    A motorbike rider can be accused of not possessing an extra Headgear, if he is fortunate to provide one. They ask him why he is playing his music loudly as it can distract, the passenger on the bike. Nothing validates their claims, as most times they are working outside their jurisdictions and obligations.

    The mind of the Nigerian police officer is an idea factory for bribery, and these ideas are always productive. Nigerian police officers are successful bribe idealists, who need little or no master class in scheduling bribery collections.

    Like the grave, never satisfied with death; these men never say enough to bribes.

    In 2009, i was apprehended at Tejuoso Market, for carrying a bag which contained fabrics for shirts that I make. I was manhandled into a bus, along with other young men, whose offenses were looking good, owning mobile accessories or walking elegantly. A walk they termed as a fraudster walk

    When the police van reached a bend, the Police officers suggested that we bail ourselves with money or going to the station would spell doom, as they would charge us for punishable offenses. knowing the moral decadence inherent with the Nigerian police, we had to pay a bail, for no crime.

    That day, I foreknew the police is not my friend, instead an abuser that violates my social and civil rights. 

    What is different about Mr. Julius?

    Is he a standalone police officer; who don’t patrol with his colleagues or he has his separate station where he makes decisions alone.

    The evil that occurs in Nigerian police stations can’t be enumerated —
    Murdering of innocent persons, Wrong accusations of citizens, Acquitting guilty persons.

    Mr. Julius’ award leaves me wondering if he is innocent of all these moral depravities well-known with the policeman.

    Is he conducting himself in a reputable manner because there are BBC cameras?

    The Nigerian police officers are inherent of innumerable disreputable conducts, first-hand experience, 2nd person narrations or media reports.

    Nigerian police officers are cruel and deserve no good-will award.

    Mr. Julius’ award means we have all been wrong about the Nigerian police. There are still good men of the police force, though they might be a few of them. It shows men who embody the moral excellence expected of a civil police force.

    These men won’t pervert justice; take bribes, assault motorists, falsely accuse citizens and have no corruption written anywhere in their books. They detain suspects and ensure fair treatment as required until proven guilty.

    They are contented with their salaries, and not looking for dishonorable means through citizenry exploitation to enrich themselves. They don’t lurk the corners of cities and towns, with the hope of finding an accused that would be a financial end to their profane appetite.

    They are instead looking to sanitise the city and make the environment free of criminals.

    Even when the team is terrible, Mr. Julius is standing for the truth though he would mostly stand alone and he is not doing it for the camera.

    Mr. Julius is committed to his job for the responsibility associated with being a member of a nation’s security unit, and this gives citizens reassurance in our security system.

    Congratulations to him, as he deserves some accolades.


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