Nicki Minaj shoots music video in Selfie mode

Nicki Minaj

After dropping a pair of singles last week from a hinted soon-to-drop album, Nicki Minaj has released a music video for “Chun-Li.” It looks like an extremely expensive Instagram story, filmed almost entirely in selfie mode. Minaj herself holds the camera and raps her lyrics into it while lounging on a couch dressed in bondage-inspired leather, studs, and fishnets, and her hair up in chopsticks. Apparently she liked her outfit so much, she wore it to the Lakers game on Tuesday.

The title of the song, audio for which was released on Thursday, comes from the name of a character from Capcom’s Street Fighter series: Chun-Li, the first female fighter in the games, an accomplished martial artist and Interpol agent obsessed with tracking down and stopping the villainous M. Bison.

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